TRUFFLE - From Earth to Plate

Discover the black diamond of Provence !

We will leave in the middle of the woods, where you can flush out (caver) the wild black diamond...

Accompanied by our four-legged specialists Isie and Icare, it’s always a surprise, will we find a jewel of 0,71 or 10,6 oz ?

Then we will leave for the Truffle Market, the largest truffle market in Europe!

You will discover the journey of this coveted commodity, and we will share our experiences over a drink !


At lunch we will recommend some essential addresses for a lunch around the Truffle.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy visiting our beautiful region, and discover the choice: 

- La Maison de la Truffe et du Tricastin,
- one or more vineyard(s),
- Visit to a shop dedicated to the Truffle.
- The Truffle and Wine Museum.


At the end of the day, we will meet in an old vaulted and restored stable called the Manger, where in the company of our chef you will be introduced to the confection of dishes with the Truffle.

After the effort the comfort, you will only have to taste this exception in association with wines around the large family table.

Program of the day

The morning : 

                     Departure from your resort 

                     truffle search

                     Truffle market

Noon : 

                    Lunch inrestaurant around the Truffle

The afternoon : 

                     Visit and tasting

                      Cooking workshop

The evening : 

                    Meal around the Truffle with a

                    combination of food and wine

Indicative time : from 9:00 am to 8:45 pm