Exclusivity Escapades Futées ! 

This tour invites you to a wine tasting in a horse-drawn carriage ! 

This excursion will allow you to admire the landscapes of the Drôme Provençale during this atypical walk with Ombelle and Quenotte, two superb half-draft mares.


With a route created especially for this walk, between vineyards and lavender you will also cross two fords to a family winery in Grignan.

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The tasting will take place in a domain was founded in 1933.

This is a family estate for 4 generations. A winemaker family that welcomes you in the heart of the Drôme provençale. Between Lavandes, Truffières and Vignobles.

This family uses all the techniques to scrupulously preserve the quality of our grapes: night grape harvest, destemming, traditional shedding and winding, thermoregulation…

But in an infallible way, the daily tasting during the vinifications remains the best way to follow the evolution of our wine.

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You can choose the service on the Domaine; from a simple tasting, to the visit of the cellar and the cellar to the pedagogical tasting or even a gourmet tasting!

Make your choice now !

Half day program

                         Departure from your resort 
                         Carriage ride
                         Visit and/or tasting

Indicative time : 7:00 am to 12:00 am or 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Book the friendly option! 
To choose from:

 - Discovery aperitif
- dinner apéritif Provençale
- Country meals 

Outdoors, before or after your tour !